Sunday, December 11, 2011

CG Gallery ~~~~

This is how my CG Gallery works. ~ Normally we'll see the dim category's image until hovering the mouse:

And inside a Gallery:

And yes, the CGs aren't showed here if you r wondering :p This is just a sample of my updating~

New logo! :x

Just drew a new logo for the project. Guess I can't keep using the blog's header as logo :p Hope it's fine. *x* I was wondering should I use green as the main color, but I ended up with Orchid, since the Moon is the real theme over Bamboo *x*

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our team members! <3

Hello there guys. I just started this project about 2 months ago (~ October 2011), but due to the schoolwork and other limitations, as well as lack of member so the progress is advancing slowly D:

We are the group of people that is joining Fairy Tale: Kaguya hime project voluntarily. Mostly, we knew each other from the Lemma Forum. I'll link the member's profile in case you wanna contact him/her.

That's all about us so far. In fact we are lacking of Event planner(s), GUI, Background and CG Artist (I feel kinda tired doing all the things at same time x_X) so if you interested, feel free to contact me. Thanks a lot ~

Obtainable characters ~

I've finished the design of the romanceable guys xDDD There's still some messy things but I'm too lazy to fix D: Hope you guys don't mind *A*

  • Heath Spencer

Heath is mature, thoughtful, kind, gentle, very reliable and charming person. Known as the Doctor, he is considered to be very considerate person by everyone. No one has ever seen him losing his temper, and people think of him as someone who they can depend upon. He is a very organized person and is the only working person in the family of two. He is currently in a relationship with the daughter of the Millitary Officer.

Heath’s mother died in a car accident, and his father abandoned the 2 kids to re-married with another woman. He has always been the responsible one who had the strong sense of duty to mostly everything his brother, his job. He doesn’t blame his father for anything and thinks that his father also needs to enjoy his own life.

Likes: Cooking, Reading, Cleaning, Taking care of others, enjoying Mother Nature


“Are you sure you’re all right? I don’t want to let you go, knowing that you’re sick. That’d make me feel bad.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll have it handled.”

“Don’t you love this weather? I think it’s perfect in the springtime.”

  • Zephyr Spencer

His older brother’s polar opposite. Zephyr dyed his hair to blue and even changed his name. Funny and outgoing, he is like a clown who likes to make everyone around him laugh. He loves dancing with a passion and would have been more loved then his brother, if not for his rebellious and notorious attitude.

He is a member of a street dancing group, and also likes bike racing. The only thing he love more than dancing and riding his bike, is his brother, who he cherish beyond anything.

Likes: Dancing, Motorbike racing, Teasing, Games
Dislikes: Onions, Cheaters

“That was cool, right, Lyric? You should have seen me earlier.”

 "Man, I’m hungry..” *stomach rumbles* “Whoa, Lyric! Your stomach is so loud!”

  • Leon Devereaux 

Leon is a wealthy noble, who seems to live a life similar to Lyric. But unlike Lyric, he had accepted it and molded himself perfectly. There’s a rumors that he has been living alone for a several hundred years, without eating anything. The only thing he prefers to taste is wines, especially red wines such as Bordeaux.

He isn’t a chatty type, extremely private and likes to keep to himself, until and unless it is necessary for him to mingle with others. By those who don’t know him very well, he could probably be seen as a hard-ass severe. The only thing he likes to do, except sitting alone and drinking, is playing violin.
The virtuoso musician also is one of those who's totally oblivious to love, even though he has a caring side that he often tries to hide, keeping a facade of tough heart is important to him.

Likes: Music, Wines, Children, Solitude
Dislikes: Cacophony, Thugs (Bully), Being babysit, Fighting, Rules


“Why are you here?”

“Are you done? Please show yourself out of the door and don't forget to close it."

“There’s no need to panic. Any person with his wits about him or her could keep calm. I can see that’s not the same for you.”

  • Sifal Faraj 

Sifal is an Arabic king came who came to marry the President’s daughter for political reason. He needs the powerful army of their country, while the President needs his immense wealth.  He has many fans, is considered to be a lady-killer and very popular. Despite his age, Sifal is a great ruler. On the other hand, when it comes to ladies, he is hardly ever shy. Only with the ones he really feels something for that he begins to get a little shy. He's quite romantic, is the one always smiling at women and opening doors, exchanging gestures, and having small talk.

He is competitive, picky, prideful, and believes he's above everybody else, also never admits defeat. As a wealthy king, he has everything he wants, and does everything he wants which makes him kind of selfish and overprotective. Also, he dearly loves jewels, especially pearls and enjoys eating them which is totally weird. He often related things to jewels while talking.

Likes: Jewels, Ladies
Dislikes: Defeat


“Womanizer? I take that as a compliment, little Pearl.”

"Do you know Kral, the only thing I like better than these pearls are Lyric; she looks as if many a great pearls were used to mould her body."

“Ah, madam, you look positively radiant today. May I take your coat?”

Seems like that's all I have right now. I'm planning to add one more guy who's Japan origin but still considering *x* Give me some advices if you have one, I thank you all <3 <3 <3