Sunday, December 11, 2011

CG Gallery ~~~~

This is how my CG Gallery works. ~ Normally we'll see the dim category's image until hovering the mouse:

And inside a Gallery:

And yes, the CGs aren't showed here if you r wondering :p This is just a sample of my updating~


  1. This game is definitely one of the otomes I'm looking most forward to! I noticed that the game is going to be voiced; if it's English, are you still looking for voice actors by any chance?

  2. It is English. We'll start the auditioning as soon as we finish the characters' quotes. If you are interested, please leave your email address, and I'll pop you a message when the auditioning is started.

    And thank you for encouraging me! ^3^

  3. Thanks! My e-mail is, I'll look forward to your message. n_n

  4. Will it be free? Please say this game will be free.

    1. Yes this is totally free ^^
      And we r moved to another site which is
      I hope you'd drop by when you have time! Thank you so much for your concern!~